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Xpress app launch with @skinnyraptor free beers and for some dumb reason I pick a mid strength 👏

No more controller jons. 🐍

Sticker mail day from my favorite artist @maaden. He treated me well by drawing me a wizard on paper and on the box, since the pizza man never does it 👏 cheers man!

I love this girl and everything about her. Even when she sleeps it’s the cutest thing ever 🌹

Skulls in space with mystical triangles and sand. 💀 #uniwork #idonteven

Golf selfies. 🚘

It’s been a great mail week. 🐍 #mgs #metalgearsolid

New car joys ⛽️

Weekly Pract. #thisishowwepose #hashtagsyo #forwardE #projectm #midgamephoto

Today marks 6th month with @jhe__ this is the longest and most amazing relationship I’ve ever been with. Couldn’t be any happier, glad to have found the love of my life 🌹